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About us
The White Box Winery was constructed just in time for the 2004 vintage at Cornella, Heathcote.

It is sited harmoniously amongst one of Australia’s largest remaining stands of eucalypt tree, the White Box. The colours of the winery were selected to integrate with the beauty of the surrounding environment - the ochre red of the roof matches the bright colour of the Cambrian soils of the district and the straw yellow of the walls is the colour of the summer crops and pastures. The curvaceous shapes of the rooflines match the shape of the Mt. Camel range immediately to the west.

The winery is designed to utilize both traditional winemaking techniques and the latest technologies. The all red fermenters are elevated to a degree that must is gravity fed into the press, avoiding the need for pumping.

The winery equipment includes:
  • 10 tonne fermenters that can be plunged using a pneumatic plunger.
  • 25 tonne Ganimede fermenters that utilize trapped carbon dioxide of fermentation to gently turn over the ferments in a highly controlled manner.
  • 25 tonne static fermenters using traditional pump-over for cap irrigation.
Other features of the winery are:
  • Automated control of heating and cooling of fermenters and storage tanks.
  • Highly efficient receival area with 25 tonne receival bin/drainer.
  • Plc control of all processes.
  • A complete wine tracking and audit system.